Plastic, cans, and even those plastic cups are considered as the source of pollution and disposal problem. A lot of people are having a hard time following the simplest form of rule in every country. A lot of nature lovers would literally step down themselves from using the things can harm and pollute the environment in order to save it before it gets too late. But aside from that common concern and problem that we have in our society. There is also another problem about disposal that is usually not being seen by a lot that can also be a source of sickness and even dangerous diseases. These are the biodegradable items and food disposal. It is not commonly being criticized as this problem is more likely to happen and be a problem only at home. But if you are going to look at deeper, restaurants and even food related industries should know deeper about the proper disposal and management of these stuff. For example, to that is the apple that has not been eaten and kept only in the fridge for a long time. Of course, it would have mold and would have an unpleasant smell. You can’t just throw it to those with plastics or cans. You need to have a proper segregation as if you don’t, it would possibly cause accumulation of insects in that area and those insects could carry harmful diseases whenever they get inside your home. That is why rubbish removal Carnegie considered these excellent method and ways in order for you to totally and properly manage your food trash.  


  1. You might have a trash can or bin inside your house or better to have it outside you house. You can throw there all the food or biodegradable items. It would be better this way as it would not be smelly inside your house when you decide to have it outside. You need to empty this bin every night so that it would not create foul odor the next morning.  
  2. Another big solution especially to those areas and properties that could be enough to install and dig a compost pit. In which, you can throw here all the food disposal items and even all the biodegradable stuff. It would be a good source for fertilizer as time passes by. You can hire someone to do this if you don’t know much about making it.  
  3. For smaller houses and areas, it could also a good idea if you have enough money to get a worm trash or bin. In this way, those worms would eat all the left-over foods or those are already spoiled. This is the fastest way to decomposed the items.  
  4. You could install a proper garbage disposal just down there your sink. Of course, there are limitations and a lot of things to consider when you have this as you can’t throw everything there.  
  5. There are some animals like pigs would eat those kinds of foods. There could be some limitations as well when having this.