Planning a party is not easy. You have to prepare the venue, foods, games, prices, guest list, budget and many more. After the party has been planned, the next challenge is setting up everything. All your efforts will turn into labor. Your plans will turn into reality, setting up a party everyone will never forget. After the party planning in riverside is done, it’s now time to set up everything. Follow our guide below to have a smooth and fun party.  

Set Up a Party 

Step 1: Set Out the Food 

The foods you’re going to set out will have a big impact on your party. If you’re not so sure what to prepare, ask your guests what they would like to eat. Most of the time, people love finger foods and chocolate-flavored desserts. Prepare the drinks and put them in a cooler. Make sure theta your guests don’t have allergies on the food you’re going to prepare.  

Step 2: Party Playlist 

Party is fun with music, so make sure you create a playlist. There are pre-made playlists available in Spotify that will suit the theme of your party. Leave that open to the guests so you can play the song that they will request. You can also ask some of your guests to prepare a playlist they like. The kind of songs you’ll play will depend on what you’re celebrating.  

Step 3: Set up Decorations and Lightings 

To set the party’s mood, put up some lightings and decorations. A party is boring without these elements. If the party is going to be filled with dance and pop music, you can set up a fog machine, strobe lights and lasers. It it’s going to be a formal event, put some candles instead of strobe lights. It’s important to have a visualization of the party. Your theme will also dictate what kind of decorations you should have.  

Step 4: Clean the Venue 

If the parry’s going to be at your house, organize the space and clean it. Make sure that your guests are comfortable. Keep the personal things that you don’t want the guests to touch. Put enough toilet papers in the bathroom and keep some cleaning stuff around in case spills happen.  

Step 5: Prepare Some Games 

Prepare some games so your guests will enjoy the party. These games don’t mean the literal games where you race, spin a bottle or anything. The games could be gossip games, video games and crazy games that are unforgettable. There are a lot of amazing things you can do, sometimes your guests will even volunteer to conduct the games.  

Step 6: During the Party 

Once everything is set up and you’re ready to party, don’t forget to take some pictures. You should all remember this happy moment. Make sure to socialize with everyone even though you’re going to have bunch of guests. Make everyone feel comfortable, chat a little. Enjoy and make sure everyone is having fun and will go home safe after the party.